King David Ariel

What is King David Ariel?

King David Ariel is a Jewish school under the auspices of the SABJE dedicated to excellence in remedial education, scheduled to open in January 2018 on the King David Victory Park Campus. Children who experience barriers to learning will be able to enjoy the social, cultural and sporting benefits of King David Schools with individual attention, top remedial teachers, therapists and academic support. We offer 1 x Grade 1 class, 1 x Grade 2 class, 1 x Grade 3 class with a maximum of 15 students per class.  A Grade R class is also under consideration.

A full range of extramural, cultural and sporting activities will be on offer – most of which will take place together with the King David Victory Park Primary School students.

Why is it called King David Ariel?

Ari = is the Hebrew word for lion because our pupils exhibit courage and the tenacious desire to succeed.

El = is one of G-d’s names indicating strength. We draw on our Jewish heritage to build a strong and caring learning community.

Who are we catering for?

King David Ariel is for children who experience barriers to learning, who require extra support and who will ultimately be able to enter the mainstream system.

These children have learning potential but present with specific or general learning difficulties. Suitability of children for admission is determined following a considered review of a multi-disciplinary assessment portfolio. Standardised assessment reports from Educational Psychologists, Speech-Language Therapists, and Occupational Therapists, Medical Practitioners, current schools and Learner Support Educators will be considered. King David Ariel will cater for children from Grade 1 – 3 with the consideration of a Grade R class should there be a need. The school will grow annually, and extend to grade 7 in due course.

Why send your child to King David Ariel?

We offer specialized facilities and excellence in remedial education in addition to all the benefits offered by a King David School. These include: Jewish education, davening, chaggim, sports, assemblies, shared resources, festivals and sporting activities. Your child will benefit from personalised learning, in-house therapies and a sense of community and belonging within a stable, renowned Jewish environment.


Principal: Sally Ann Knowles


Tel: 011 4467870