King David Schools

In honour & celebration of both King David and Israel’s 75 years, our students produced magnificent pieces of art.

The inspiration was different geographical sites of Israel, famous Israeli people, Israeli architecture, foods synonymous with Israel and Israeli arts and culture.

The children produced flat art as well as 3D pieces using different mediums and encouraging the skills of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Kol Hakavod to the teachers and amazing artists. Enjoy the nachas and feel free to share the link with family members to keep the memories of this magnificent art alive.

Am Yisrael Chai! Erez Yisrael chai!

Grade 1

Grade 1A

Grade 1L

Grade 1R

Grade 1S

Grade 2

Grade 2E

Grade 2M

Grade 2R

Grade 2W

Grade 3

Grade 3B

Grade 3H

Grade 3K

Grade 3S

City of Jerusalem

Grade 5

Jerusalem Mural