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The DIJE runs all it's programs in accordance with the Orthodox ethos and practices of the King David School system. Therefore, if I were to be employed by the DIJE, I affirm my commitment to fully participate, educate, and support these practices as a DIJE advisor whilst employed by the Dije.(Required)
As individuals, we understand that we are all growing constantly and looking to develop ourselves and our relationship with Hashem. Traditionally, the DIJE has held the following expectations of our employees: - Commitment to personal growth (this includes set times for Torah learning & Tefillah) - A love and appreciatiation of the State & Land of Israel - Shomrei Shabbat (both in public and private) - Shomrei Kashrut (both in public and private) - Shomrei Tzinut (This includes conducting ourselves in a way that reflects oneself as a role-model of a Torah values, including appropriate dress in accordance with Halacha, respecting the laws of Shomrei Negiah on social media and in public, and avoiding places that are in contradiction with these values such as a club). Please pick the response that best reflects your current standard of practice(Required)
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