King David Schools


Subsidy Programme

The South African Board of Jewish Education encourages all Jewish children to receive a Jewish education. In adhering to this philosophy, provision is made to assist parents having difficulty in paying school fees. It is understood that there are parents that are not able to pay the normal school fees. The SABJE provides an annual budget to assist such parents. An initial application form is required to be completed by parents experiencing financial difficulties. Financial information and supporting documentation need to be provided. Should you wish to apply for financial assistance, please email and an application form will be emailed to you.

School Fees Newsletter

SA Board of Jewish Education is pleased with the progress made during 2021 and would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the King David Schools fee structure for the 2022 academic year, as well as some of the thinking that has informed the decisions taken. Due to a consistent long term strategy being pursued much of what we share in this letter will be in line with previous letters and on-going communications.